Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Tour de Trail

Tour de Trail from bobby on Vimeo.

This is a video of our trip to France in April 2011 (Riders: Bob, Floppy, Fux, Dave and John). It was such an amazing trip so enjoy the video.

Montag, 23. Mai 2011

girly (lesbian) power!

never thought that there are really girls who make stuff like that.

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011


really good friend of mine made this video! i´m really impresed!

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

o.l.o.b. part 7

i edited "our life on the bicycle" with the best stuff i filmed in the last few weeks. hope you like it.

Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

o.l.o.b. part 6

o.l.o.b. part 6 with myself. i really don´t care a lot of the edeting in the videos where im riding in. i hope you like it anyway.

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

markus heimbrocklyn

"our life on the bicycle" part five with markus heimbrock. he´s really one of my best friends and we planned to shoot a video together for a long time. it´s finished and i hope he and you like it!

markus heimbrocklyn

"our life on the bicycle" part five with markus heimbrock. he´s really one of my best friends and we planned to shoot a video together for a long time. it´s finished and i hope he and you like it!

Montag, 9. Mai 2011

gregg mason

Redline bikes - 2 hours street session (Greg Masson) from on Vimeo.

the last thing in the video is to hard to realize!

Samstag, 30. April 2011


no one makes better videos than mutiny!

Dienstag, 26. April 2011

Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

Montag, 11. April 2011

Mr. Plonka

he´s really one of my favorite riders out there! technical stuff in there

spring cruise

i usually do´nt like to copy from other blogs. but i really think you have to see it!

Samstag, 9. April 2011


for me it was the very first time this year to ride my trails.
the video is self filmed in one hour
hope you like it

Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

Props 76: Dennis Enarson Backyard Spot Check

Go to for more videos.

One of the sickest backyards I've seen!

Graveyard Trails Jam

Summer is back and the trails are living again.

Spring Time in Augsburg

Spring Time from Andreas Asam on Vimeo.

Good one from Asamoa!!!!

Stephan Götz G-Town Edit

More BMX Videos
We know Stphan for some time now and he has nuts. Here is a good edit of him!

Dienstag, 5. April 2011

i love spring

that are really the best videos i´ve seen in a while!

Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

o.l.o.b part 4

in the new o.l.o.b i wanted to show enjoying the first sun with some of my best friends.
thanks to my buddys!

Sonntag, 27. März 2011

Freitag, 25. März 2011

Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

philipp winter

here is the really cool phillip winter video from my hometown augsburg! the editor (andreas asam ) is getting better and better with every video. really well done!

Samstag, 19. März 2011


FUCK! what happened yesterday night? haha

Here are some really cool guys! i think they have a lot of fun with their riding! beautiful spots, good weather and a lot of fun, that´s what it´s all about!

Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

Touchgrind I Phone

Get it NOW!!

M.O.D. 2011 in Vienna

M.O.D 2011-Vienna's show. from Vincent SACCOMANI on Vimeo.

Double front, Double Back flips, Tripps Tailwhips on MTB, crazy MX stunts and more...

Chad Kerley Backyard ramp

Go to Tuesdays With Miles for more videos.

fabedog, berni, Maurer und Tobi in Linz

köln Trp ala BTS.

we have met some crazy hungarians in Linz a view weeks ago when they did a trip to köln, germany. Nice edit+ there is a section of me in it (1min 31sec). Watch it watch it

Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

Montag, 7. März 2011

Samstag, 5. März 2011

Homeboy Louis!

If you donkt know Louis you know nothin!!!

Ludwig Jäger

Freitag, 4. März 2011

Sebastian Nitsche

Stuff from spring 2011

Samstag, 26. Februar 2011


is there any better video?

Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

federal San Diego

Federal BMX - San Diego from Federal BMX on Vimeo.


Ben Gea

best example to show that a video can also be great without music!

o.l.o.b part 2

Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011


Andreas Schlumprecht has often filmed for leafcycles and was on the beginning of leafcycles one of the sponsorees. his short films are getting better and better after each time. here is the newest edit. he made in our "indoor"-spot in Augsburg germany where andreas was the main person in building the jumps.

Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

Ocean Beach Montage

Ocean Beach Montage - More BMX Videos

JJ Palmere, Ty Morrow, Garrett Reynolds, Colin Varanyak, Alex Vazquez, Augie Simoncini, Christian Rigal, and a few others completely destroying Ocean Beach skatepark in San Diego.

Michel Plonka MIX 2010

Yo Plonky you are the man!

The Set-Bunnyhop Battle

The Set - Hop Battle from The Set on Vimeo.

Brad Sims

Mutiny again

Roey Leeds Session from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

One night at the Works in Leeds with Roey (trust me he is crazy I like the 180 to wall to 360). Enjoy, he’s nursing a broken rib after this session.from Mutiny's Vimeo

Mikey Luplow Mutiny Bikes Edit

Mikey Luplow from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

ross and hawk going orange

Mike Mastroni

i really like it when i can see people who don´t make the standart tricks and interpret the riding in a drifferent way. he is really the best example!

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Best guy

for me is tom dugan really one of the coolest people ever. this video is a little older but i love it! Fuck water!

Benny Phillips

Looks like sick´o!

Andrew Lacondeguy

New crazy stuff from Andrew. It is very impressive how big these jumps are and how easy he can land his tricks like a double back flip!

Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

v4 maische

a short edit done from a friend of mine. just for fun. i think the result is really funny :D

Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011

waka waka waka

they had better use the correct version of the song!

Montag, 7. Februar 2011


this video really makes you want to summer! nose manuals are the best invention!

Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Jason Côté

I´m just stoked! what the hell is going on with him?

Simple Session

It´s Simple Session time! Every year the tricks go bigger and the style crazier! They are going wild right now, so lets see what will happen tomorrow!

Only 16 hours left!

Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

Mickael Martins

i havent seen this guy before but he shows us a really high level of mtb riding!

Jaie Toohey at Mr: Whit´s trails

I think these jumps could be a little bigger. hehehehe

Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011

Brad Simms The Set Edit

The Cinema Team in Phoenix

CINEMA IN PHX from Cinema Wheel Co. on Vimeo.

Garrett Reynolds, Corey Martinez, Chase DeHart, Sean Sexton and Nathan Williams.

Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

TR+Unexpected Thursday vol. 21

sick new unexpected thursday video from vincent allard. This edit is crazy. Walter you are crazy!!!

Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

O.l.o.b part 1

"our life on the bicyle"
this will be a series of short films, filmed and edited by myself, about our life and love with bicycles
dont expect too much from the first part. i edited in 2 and a half hours at a friend´s computer ;)

hope you have fun!


This looks like fun!

Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Dan Lacey Compilation

Federal BMX - Dan Lacey Compilation from Federal BMX on Vimeo.


Boss of the Bosses

I think matt has got a lot of style since last year! this new edit is really impressive

Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

Bone Deth


i know it´s not about bycicles but the principle is the same. spent time with yout friends, fell freedom have fun! really an impressive video!

Montag, 24. Januar 2011

Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

winter edit.

some new stuff from augsburg! filmed and edited by andreas asam!

Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

Dylan Stark

whole new level!

Freitag, 21. Januar 2011


hä wos macht der klausi auf da laoveparade?

wwwoooooooooowwww (you have to watch both parts)

A real Hooligan

Pascal Blaurock

ok i have to say that there is a lot of bullshit inside which must not be in. but i was glad to see a german guy who is riding so stylish!

Dennis Pavlov

денис павлов from Epifan on Vimeo.

This guy from russia rides siiick. The edit is good and the Sido song too.

Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

Trails,Trails,Trails more Trails

digfourvictorysummer2 from alex boyd on Vimeo.

I rode these Trails and all I can say is that this is one of the best spots in Europe. LOVE IT

Giants of Dirt 2 Dane Searls

Just realized that I didn´t poste this!

Jeremy Muller Vans edit

VANS Team edits: JEREMY MULLER from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

nice france trails riding. I like the pocketair thing they built at these trails. deffinitly ona ride dirt now!

Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

wethepeople gran canaria

GRAN CANARIA from CSG UK on Vimeo.

the new Barcelona. so I know where we are going to next! Gran Canaria

Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011


VANS is proud to show you 5 vids from 5 VANS french Team Riders.
Here is Nicolas part filmed & Edited by Greenfilms.

Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

The German´s

Markus Reuss in AH-Kalk from Johannes Dreyer on Vimeo.

Markus Reuss indoor edit. Good edit with amazing riding.

Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2011

GYPSY, Starpissnes edit....

december mixtape from Raffael Stiborek on Vimeo.

This is a short trailer for upcoming snowboard-edits(probably a full length DVD)...
Its a bit rough cause it was the first time I was working with AE!!
Riders are:

Chris Klaushofer
Patrick Pitter
Paz Schönleitner
Mex Brunner
and Jakob Baumgartner

Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011


Slipperz Edit!

Montag, 10. Januar 2011

Star Wars!

AT-AT day afternoon from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

good edit with no bikes!Seen on Pinkbike

Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

Montag, 3. Januar 2011

The Rise Pro Life Canada/Florida

As usual you find loads of riding clips in here! No Puke No Dancing No Bum Life