Donnerstag, 27. November 2008

Barcelona Trip 2008

We have been in Barcelona from 12.11-21.11 and it was my 3rd ,Hubert's 2nd and Halbi's 1st time in BCN.

It was a verry good time and  we only had sunny days so we rode everyday and filmed much, i try to make a small BCN web edit.....

Only Halbi had some problems with the food so he had to barf but after that he was tight and ready for the concrete jungle!!

All in all it was a verry nice trip nobody get hurt, no gipsy tryed to nick something and now you can check aut the pics!!

SBG Crew over Barcelona

Hubert IcePick
Me doing a NoHand out of a verry small bowl thing
Halbi with a 270 Table
FootJamNosepick by Hubert

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