Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010


i wanna go there!
Who is comming with me?!?
Martin sent me this on Facebook..sounds good to me.
"Are you coming too btw? We got PlusSizeBMX, DMR-bikes, and a dutch bikeshop sending us a lot of prices, and Monster will be there almost all day giving away free drinks, stickers and t-shirts! I'm getting the flyer posted everywhere on the internet now to reach as much riders from other countries as possible! I want to make this jam internationally known, so next year I can organise world biggest/best street contest!

I'm also planning of making a sick weekend with all the riders who come from abroad: riding the sick street spots of Rotterdam on saturday, party on saturdaynight, and rock the jam on sunday.

Could you please help me make the jam known by posting the flyer onto And let me know if you're coming!"

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  1. Cool you guys came, it was an awesome weekend mates!! Es war sehr toll!