Montag, 22. März 2010

This is Trash UpDate2: Walter "Sick´o" Mayerhofer went second at Park YEAH

This is trash results!
DateSunday, March 21, 2010 at 1:37PM

Wow, the turnout was really huge! We had over 80 riders this day, and more than 90% of them was on a mtb!!!!!!

We had no AM class because the AM's didn't want to ride a contest, but it went down really crazy at the PRO class!!!

The results:


1) Sam Reynold - UK - DMR Bikes - he was doing frontflips, 360 inverts and doubletailwhips without being able to pedal because of a broken hub

2) Blake Samson - UK - DMR Bikes - crazy flipwhips on the big dirt and more sickness

3) Roy Groenewegen - NL - Cove Bikes - for doing a trick I never saw before: no handed superman seatgrab, fully extended!!


1) Leo Combee - NL - Magura - for his crazy barspins

2) Walter Mayerhofer - AT - Dartmoor Bikes - sick barspins and tailwhips

3) Martin Knorr - NL - PlusSizeBMX - 360s/alleyoop tabletop/540

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